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Dec 2019

Interview with Michael Abcunas

Michael Abcunas is the Senior Product Manager at STANLEY Healthcare who are the makers of Pria, the personal medication assistant.

Nov 2019

Caregiver Holiday Board of Directors interview with Stuart Patterson CEO of Lifepod

Editor in Chief Gary Barg talks with Stuart Patterson, CEO of Lifepod, a 2019 Today’s Caregiver magazine’s Caregiver Friendly Award Recipient for the Caregiver Holiday Board of Directors series.

With LifePod, adult children and professional caregivers can now monitor, check-in on and support their parents and clients using a powerful yet intuitive proactive-voice service based on advanced voice technology and personalized by caregivers.  

LifePod’s Proactive-Voice Caregiver service provides caregivers with easy-to-use, two-way voice dialog templates such as: appointment and medication reminders, news/weather updates, periodic voice check-ins, control of smart-home devices and enhanced fall detection.  LifePod helps make it easier for our loved ones to live in the community longer and safer.  Visit for more information.

Nov 2019

Interview with Adam Liebelt Home safety expert

Gary Barg interviews Adam Liebelt President of H and H Bath and Safety, a leading national expert on how to keep our loved ones and clients safe in their homes.  According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every year, about 235,000 adults visit emergency rooms due to injuries suffered in the bathroom. More than a third of the injuries happened while bathing or showering. The researchers also found that people over 85 suffer more than half of their injuries near the toilet. Also, bathroom injuries are the major reason for Emergency Room visits for seniors and a major reason for long-term care placement.     


Nov 2019

Interview with Bianca Padilla of Care Well

Gary Edward Barg, Editor in Chief, interviews Bianca Padilla, co-founder of  The relationships we establish for the products that our loved ones need on a daily basis is one of the most important partnerships we can develop as family caregivers. Bianca and her family have create a welcoming center for caregivers to find these products that they depend upon and get their questions answered by experts who truly care.   

Nov 2019

Interview with Tina Marrelli

Tina Marrelli is the President of Marrelli and Associates, Inc., a publishing and consulting firm working in healthcare for over 20 years. Tina is the author of numerous books, including the Handbook of Home Health Standards: Quality, Documentation and Reimbursement, The Hospice and Palliative Care Handbook and the best-selling home health aide educational system, Home Health Aide Guidelines for Care: A Handbook for Care Giving at Home and its accompanying Nurse Instructor Manual. Tina served on the workgroups that defined the first hospice nurse standards as well as serving as a reviewer in 2014 for the Revised Home Health Nursing: Scope and Standards of Practice through the American Nurses Association.

Nov 2019

Never Forget What the Doctor Said in the Exam Room An Interview with Dr. Shiv Rao

Gary Barg Editor In Chief talks with Dr. Shiv Rao Founder and CEO OF Abridge AI, the makers of an innovative APP that allows you to never forget what the doctor said to you and your loved one in the exam room  Abridge will help organize the most important aspects of the conversation to help you follow up with the doctors advice.  And it is a free download from any APP store

Nov 2019

Nate Watkins Making homes more accessible with home friendly wheelchair

Gary Barg, Editor in Chief of Today's Caregiver magazine talks with Nate Watkins, a 2019 Caregiver Friendly award winner. about how his designs help people in wheelchairs maneuver around their homes and around town easier and safer.   

Sep 2019

interview with Dennis E. Wiseman

Dennis Wiseman is the author of Forget "Remember" 13 Steps to Care. A Guidebook for the Dementia Caregiver

Sep 2019

Interview with Scott Williams about Embracing Carers and Time Counts

Editor-in-Chief Gary Edward Barg interviews Scott Williams, Vice President, Head of Global Patient Advocacy and Strategic Partnerships at EMD Serono as well as co-founder of the organization Embracing Carers.  Scott details an important new program of Embracing Carers called Time Counts.

Sep 2019

Lesli Wang, helping maintain our loved ones dignity and independence.

Editor in Chief, Gary Barg interviews entrepreneurial family caregiver,  Lesli Wang. Lesli was looking for a toilet safety product for her mother to use when leaving the house. She wanted one that was portable, discreet, and dignified. Unsuccessful in her search, she was determined to fill the gap in bathroom safety products.

She created an innovative new product — the Free2Go Rollator — the first product to combine the benefits of a raised toilet seat, toilet safety frame, and rolling walker. Hear Lesli's story about how her caregiving led her to a new career, helping keep our loved ones in the community with dignity and independence.